The membership of AICA International (International Association of Art Critics) is global and culturally diverse and we believe firmly in the principle of freedom of expression. 

Mr. Osman Kavala who is a businessman and philanthropist has been remanded in custody for almost two years with an indictment that is not based on any concrete evidence. Kavala has always supported civic engagement, democratic forms of expression and equality of access for arts and culture. Osman Kavala has been active in fostering culture and education in Turkey. As a member of numerous boards and president of the cultural institution Anadolu Kültür, which he founded 16 years ago, he has constructed bridges in civil society from Turkey to Europe and neighboring countries.

We, as members of AICA International and participants of the 52nd International AICA Congress 2019 in Cologne & Berlin, are stating that Osman Kavala must be released immediately.

Berlin, 5 October 2019


Lisbeth Rebollo Gonçalves               Robert-Jan Muller

President AICA International            Chair, AICA Committee on Censorship and Freedom of Expression

The declaration can be accessed on the official website of the AICA.