Osman Kavala’s Statement About Merging of the Lawsuits - 21 May 2021

Combining lawsuits related to different acts is a convenient method to create a perception in political cases, as it prevents focusing on the act itself.

In the article criticizing the unlawful treatments concerning the Ergenekon case, of which I was also a signatory and was published in Express journal in June 2009, it was emphasized that the expansion of the lawsuit augmented distrust around the trial and that a fair conclusion could not be reached with increasingly growing legal cases with multiple defendants and multiple acts. The above-mentioned article can be found among the evidence presented.

In another article published in Radikal newspaper on 26 September 2012, which is also presented in the evidence file, where I criticized the decisions concerning the Balyoz lawsuit, I touched upon the notion of plot/plotting and stated that this concept is a convenient tool for making accusations of the desired extent in political cases. With this method of accusation, people who are not related with each other are alleged to have acted in complicity on a justifying account of the unity of purpose.

As is known, certain members of the police force and the judiciary associated with the Gülen organization, employing this particular method alleged that those people who did not know each other had established a secret organization to overthrow the government.

In the Gezi indictment submitted to your court, it was claimed, without any evidence whatsoever, that I together with the others accused were engaged in forming a secret structure/organization to overthrow the government. Merging the lawsuits with the Çarşı case will stand as an even more striking example of the method of accusation for political purposes I have mentioned above.

The Gezi indictment was already based upon the fiction designed by those accused of FETÖ membership. In the transcript that was annexed to the indictment, dated 14 June 2013, titled Analysis Report and sent to the Police Department by Mehmet Yeşilkaya - Head of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Department, who is currently in prison - without basing on any concrete evidence and using some dubious derogatory publishing, it was alleged that the Gezi protests were “the product of a planned scenario”, that I designed this plan with George Soros, that I was the organizer and financier and in line with my directives, supporter groups of Beşiktaş (Çarşı), Fenerbahçe football teams, and leftist terrorist organizations and their supporters were attempted to be pulled into the events.

Merging of lawsuits will be an attempt to revive this same scenario, which was written 8 years ago to create perception but lost its credibility by the acquittal rulings of the courts working in compliance with the law.

Osman Kavala