Announcement by Anadolu Kültür

In the January - February 2020 Newsletter, Anadolu Kültür announced that they continue their projects working together with Osman Kavala and that they hope to be working side-by-side with him very soon.


Anadolu Kültür continues to develop and implement projects, with the vision of a society without prejudices, one that finds nourishment and enrichment through diversity.

As of today, our colleague and the Chair of our Board of Directors Osman Kavala has been behind bars for 855 days, left devoid of his freedom and liberties through unjust and unwarranted practices. During these 855 days, neither him nor us gave up on the ideals Anadolu Kültür was built upon, even though we weren’t side by side, we worked and conducted projects together. We created platforms for artistic expression; organized various exhibitions, talks, concerts, and screenings; conducted cultural heritage projects and archival research; developed educational tools that utilize the artistic expression and learning processes.

In order to make all of these projects more accessible, we recently launched our redesigned website, where you can find detailed information about all of our ongoing projects. You can also follow our social media accounts for updates.

During this period, Osman Kavala’s vision, his belief that through cultural and artistic exchange societies can reach mutual understanding and dialogue, continues to guide us. We hope to be working side by side with him very soon, we long for his company.

Anadolu Kültür, January-February 2020 Newsletter, 4 March 2020